7 Questions Every Church Visitor Wants to Know

If you want to bring new people into your church through your website, you must answer the 7 questions they want to know:
  1. 1. I am nervous about visiting your church, what is it like there?
  2. 2. Where is the front door?
  3. 3. What is the pastor like?
  4. 4. What are the pastor's sermons like?
  5. 5. What is the music like?
  6. 6. Is the children's ministry okay?
  7. 7. What are the people attending your church like?

#1. What's it like at your church?

When you go to a new place, especially a church, you never know what to expect. You think "Will I be bored to tears, will it be too exciting for me and make me uncomfortable?"

#2. Where is the front door?

Have you ever been somewhere that there are people inside who can see you and you can't find the door? Use a photo to show people where your front door is.

#3. What is the pastor like?

A photo on the front page, with a video of the pastor welcoming the person to church and a video of the pastor's sermon, this will answer that question for people. This question can keep people from coming to a new church, therefore the pastor needs to be willing to put his photo on the front page of the website.

#4. What are the pastor's sermons like?

All you need is a brief description and mp3 and video of a sermon.

#5. What is the music like?

(if you refer to it as "Worship" non-Christians won't know what you are talking about) A brief description and mp3 and video of music. Be sure to include photos during your worship so people know what happens during your worship.

#6. Is the children's ministry okay?

Use a brief description and photos, and if your children's ministry workers need to clear a police background check before working there you should let people know that.

#7. What are the people attending your church like?

All you need is a description and photo showing they are normal people.

I am convinced that this barrier of fear...
...about visiting a new church is why so many people, when they are looking for a church, go to a church where they know someone, so that person can "walk them in" the first time.

But if you address these issues on your website you will make it a lot easier for a first time visitor to attend your church.

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Reaching the World

Churches use their websites to reach their current congregation, or their nearby community. While that is admirable, the world is full of people who need to hear about Jesus.

  • Simple changes can bring immense increases in effectiveness.
  • Currently if someone is struggling with some life-issue such as suicide, drug use or spousal abuse and they search the internet for help, they will usually not find info that says Jesus can help them. Instead they will find secular advice (and some of it is not very good).
  • With the right text we, the Christian community, could reach people that ordinarily we would never reach.
  • Go to google and type in "How to kill yourself", you will see what I mean.


"Casting your cares" does not mean what I thought it did. I assumed that it meant that each time an anxiety came up, I should give it to God.

(Of course, in addition to that is this idea of "casting" or throwing. This I totally do not understand. Quite often my cares and anxieties feel too heavy to lift, must less to throw, but that is a different issue)

But the actual translation means "once and for all". That means I am supposed to give all my cares to God one time. Past, present and future.
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Many years ago, a wise man said he realized he couldn't make a mistake.
He said he does:

  • lots of things wrong
  • lots of things he shouldn't
  • lots of things he is sorry for
but he said he realized he couldn't make a mistake when he found this verse:

Romans 8:28 And we know that all things work together for good to those who love God, to those who are called according to His purpose.
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Because David had asked for forgiveness, and was truly sorry for the things he did, to God it was like David was perfect. His sins were forgiven.

What does that mean for us? Sure we understand the whole "get into heaven because Jesus made us perfect by bearing the cost of our sins".

But it also means when we accept the Lord and our sins are taken away, when we ask God to forgive our sins, they are gone.

Yes we have to deal with the consequences.
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